Our Values – Nga Kaupapa

We aim to provide a welcoming, stimulating and safe environment for local people to build an inclusive community where we can explore creativity share resources and skills. Becoming more and more informed / empowered we want to encourage action on issues of importance to Linwood People at a local or national level. Working towards a bi-cultural partnership we also aim to celebrate cultural diversity.


The values that underpin this are:

  • A commitment to bi-cultural partnership
  • A recognition and valuing the multi-ethnic community of Linwood
  • An acknowledgement that conflict can and does occur
  • A commitment we will seek healthy ways to address these conflicts when they do arise
  • A commitment to developing appropriate policies, practices and procedures
  • A community development way of working (community driven and responsive to community needs, as defined by the community)
  • A positive re4gard and support of one another by way of
    • a listening tolerant attitude
    • an active attitude of working to understand another’s perspective
    • a recognition that people are vulnerable
    • an appreciate that people need their own ‘space’