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We are currently building the site so some of the layout is funky.
We should be finished before the end of March but come back and check out details as they will be updating.

What we do

The Linwood Resource Centre includes the house, community gardens, community workshop & mens shed

Linwood Resource Centre


Community Worker

Menna runs the community house and supports community members with programs they want to run. Want to book the house? Give Menna a call.


(03) 981 5594 / (022) 062 733

Community Garden


Garden Coordinator

The community garddens are used by individuals and groups. They include shared plots as well as individual allotments.


(03) 981 5594 / (021) 0749 891

Community Workshop / Mens Shed


Workshop Co-ordinator

The community workshop hosts Linwood Mens Shed and has open community times for groups and individuals. We welcome people of all skill levels and experience.


(03) 981 5594 / (022) 062 0744